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Decina Azzuro Inset Shower Bath 1200mm

by Decina
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  • Modern Inset Shower Bath with tile bead 
  • 1200mm x 820mm x 425mm
  • Premium sanitary-grade acrylic in gloss white finish 
  • The compact size makes this a water efficient solution in your home 
  • Perfect for small bathrooms where space is limited 
  • Ideal for use as a shower bath, where you mount the shower over the bath tub
  • Slip resistant base 
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Steel rod reinforced rim
  • Double reinforced bath base
  • Plug and waste sold separately, add to your order to complete the look
  • Tile bead strip not included
  • Made in Australia! 


Decina Azzuro Inset Shower Bath 1200mm in perfect for a small bathroom space. This neat design doubles as a shower base and bath when needed. 

What's In The Box

Decina Azzuro Inset Shower Bath 1200 in White