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Decina Stella Pressed Metal Bath

by Decina
Original price $499.00
Current price $449.00
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  • Island design is inset in a tiled 'island' hob and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Creating a statement and showcasing tile choice
  • Available in 1500mm and 1700mm lengths
  • Tile bead strip not included
  • Non-porous 1.5mm enamel 
  • Lumbar support for additional comfort 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Optional SIA headrest available in black or white 
  • Easy to clean as there are no gaps behind the bath for dust to collect


Decina’s range of Pressed Metal baths, provide a stylish, durable and good value alternative to our acrylic baths. The exclusive, supplied tile bead strip allows the bath to be placed directly up against a tiled wall. The gleaming white enamel surface is non-porous, scratch resistant and does not absorb dirt, making it extremely easy to clean. The Stella is suitable for bathers who desire a wider more spacious bath.

What's In The Box

Decina Stella Pressed Metal Bath in white