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Remer Miro 750mm - 1800mm LED Smart Mirrors

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  • The Miro series are backlit in design with frosted glass edges that the light shines through
  • Backlit LED lighting provides ambient light to your bathroom
  • Demister with 1 hour auto cut-off
  • Easy to use, activated by touch sensor
  • Copper-free mirror for corrosion resistance
  • Upgrade to include Bluetooth speaker audio (available on all sizes) or magnifier offering 3 x magnification zone (available on 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm sizes)
  • Available in 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm lengths
  • Remer mirrors require hardwired installation by a licensed electrician


The Miro Collection is a bespoke collection of high-end backlit rectangular bathroom mirrors, available in a wide array of sizes and options. They come with state-of-the-art features including LED backlights, demisters and anti-fogging attributes, these mirrors also have the ability of adding a Bluetooth audio component, or a magnifier.


Overall length 750mm / 900mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm
Overall height
900mm / 700mm / 700mm / 750mm / 850mm
Overall depth 30mm / 30mm / 40mm / 40mm / 40mm
Orientation Horizontal
Wall mounting Split batten hangers (included)
LED colour temperature 6500K (Daylight)
Input voltage 220 - 240v 50Hz
Lumens (standard/bluetooth) 885lm / 1062lm / 1416lm / 1770lm / 2124lm
Lumens (magnifier upgrade) / 2232lm / 2664lm / 3132lm
Total wattage (standard) 70w / 50w / 98w / 105w / 149w
Total wattage (magnifier) 77w / 119w / 175w
Total wattage (bluetooth) 90w / 95w / 96w / 124w / 175w
Rating IP44


Upgrade Features

The Standard Miro mirror includes:

  • LED backlit lighting - The backlit-designed mirror has light emanating from the back of the mirror towards the entire space, providing aesthetic, ambient lighting to the room.
  • Demister with auto shut off after 1 hour - The demister functionality allows you to have steamy showers without compromising the quality and care of your mirror. Simply switch this function on via the Touch Sensor before your shower to keep it fog-free.

The Bluetooth option includes the standard features as well as:

  • Bluetooth Speakers - Enhance your bathroom experience with sound. Choose the playlist that sets the mood for the day and connect straight from your phone to the Bluetooth mirror. The in-built speakers project the sound to surround your entire bathroom space. Available across all Miro sizes.

The Magnification option includes the standard features as well as:

  • 3 x Magnification zone - Precision creates perfection. Magnify your face to effortlessly groom and apply makeup. With a ring of light that surrounds the built-in Magnifier, you'll have no more overhead shadows. Available on Miro 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm sizes only.

      What's In The Box

      • Remer Miro LED Smart Mirror
      • Fixing Kit
      • Installation Instructions


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