Bathroomware House Sale Terms & Conditions

The Bathroomware House "Bathman Rescue Sale" will commence on Saturday 1st June 2019 and will continue until Sunday 30th June 2019 or when Bathroomware House deems suitable or while stocks last. Bathroomware House reserves the right to run other sales in conjunction which may or may not be tied to an advertised timeframe. The same terms and conditions apply to those sales.

Bathroomware House reserves the right to conclude or extend sales without prior notice.

All discounts advertised are discounts on the Bathroomware House list price.

At Bathroomware House's sole discretion, the price of products sold during the promotional period shall be either: (a) as indicated on sale promotional signage in-store or as advertised; or (b) as shown on or (c) as indicated on invoices provided by Bathroomware House to the Buyer in respect of products supplied.

Quotes provided by Bathroomware House during the promotional period will be honoured for a maximum of seven (7) days or until the end of the promotional period.

Bathroomware House reserves the right to change the price of any product within the promotional period without prior notice.

Discounts on tapware exclude any ZIP or filtered tapware products. These will continue to be sold at the normal prices.

At Bathroomware House's sole discretion a deposit may be required. A sale/purchase only exists if Bathroomware House has received the required deposit or full payment.

All standard Bathroomware House Terms & Conditions still apply during the promotional period unless otherwise stated in writing.