Toilet Suites

Can't live without 'em

Toilet suites are a necessity in every home. These days there are often two or three in the house and they really don't have to be the dingy old thing you prefer to ignore, the old cracked pink thing up the path near the laundry. There are many beautifully modern designs built to compliment the rest of a supurb bathroom renovation. Or, if you are keeping to a more traditional theme, there are great options here too.

Things, other than asthetics, that should be considered include comfort and cleaning. Are the springs in the knees not what they were? Why not cater for that. How about a toilet suite that has a seat that's a little higher than normal, it's called an ""Ambulant"" pan. Easy to sit down, easy to stand back up. There's no shame in including comfort in your bathroom, powder room or ensuite. 

Water efficiency

City living and population density has made it critical that we consider the resources we are using, and one resource we just can't live without is water. Every toilet in Australia must be Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rated and this rating appears on a WELS label on the unit with a star rating. The more stars, the more efficient. Most toilets these days are 4 star rated and with dual flush, using 3 litres for the "yellow" and 4.5 litres for the more serious business. This gives an average flush of 3.3L (average flush is calculated as one full flush and four half-flushes). If you see a toilet without the WELS label, don't buy it as your licensed plumber won't install it (cos it ain't legal).


When it comes to cleaning, there are great modern options too. Standard pans are all very good, but rimless flush, with the smooth easy to clean rim, is all the rage at present. There's also nanoglaze which is a ceramic glaze that's super slippery so "stuff" don't stick. Ease of cleaning built right into the toilet ceramic. Another popular design is tornado flush, which creates, you guessed it, a "tornado" to flush everything down. Not that you want to stand and gaze at yesterday's dinner disappearing, but it is pretty impressive.

What are the choices?

At Bathroomware House, we have an extensive range of toilet suites to suit every need and preference. From modern to traditional, basic to easy clean and full featured, standard and ambulant, we have it all covered. We even have ranges that come in any of a dozen or more colours. From black to red, orange to deep blue, heck they even come in white, if that's your bent. And all the colours are available in a whole range of bathroom gear such as floor, wall or countertop basins, bidets etc to complete the more funky look.

Dont forget to read the More info on toilets to see what you need to know before coming in to buy one. You can use our Renovation Worksheet to gather the info and make notes.

Whichever way you decide to go, we have you covered with quality toilet suites that are extraordinary value. So what are you waiting for? Click Toilets on the mega menu above, choose the type you need and get shopping.

Where to get assistance?

Not sure what you need? Give us a call or come and visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane an Adelaide and have a chat with our wonderful friendly and hugely experienced bathroom consultants who are just itching to help you design your new space.

Looking for new ideas and inspiration, check out our cunningly named Inspiration and Advice pages (also in the mega menu above) for product advice, an inspiration gallery of great customer bathrooms and a great range of tips, tricks and traps for the newly initiated bathroom renovators.

Top Tips for Choosing Toilet Suites

Style to suit decor - round or square, suite or in-wall cistern, thick or thin seat

Where is it going? Draw a basic layout of your bathroom before coming in - great tips here

Know your configuration - look at our More info on toilets to see what you need and use our Renovation Worksheet to gather the info

No WELS sticker, no buy

Consider higher ambulant toilets if the knee springs aren't what they were