Welcome to the in-wall toilet system builder. From here you can build your own custom in-wall toilet system selecting from our wide range of quality products which are bundled together to give you a complete package tailored to your budget and requirements. To begin, simply select from one of the options below.


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Back to Wall
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Back to wall pans are a clever way to maximise space in the bathroom by concealing the cistern within a piece of furniture or stud wall. This toilet type offers a simple uncluttered bathroom finish that is easy to maintain for residential or commercial use. Also referred to as wall faced pans, they make cleaning simple as there are no gaps behind the toilet.
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Wall Hung
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Wall hung pans are the perfect option for a minimal, modern and space saving toilet solution. Ideal for bathrooms large or small, these sleek styles perfectly complement other bathroom furniture and are also water efficient. Like back to wall suites, wall hung toilet pans also utilise a concealed cistern, while the pan hovers off the ground creating a sense of space and luxury. Wall Hung Pans require a structural element, inside the wall or counter they are mounted on, in the form of a frame or purpose made bracket.