Mezio Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite Reliable Quality Wty

Mezio Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite Reliable Quality Wty

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Zumi Bathware has more than 30 years ceramic manufacturing experience
Their collection is designed with your individual needs in mind and includes a variety of style options to create a space tailored to your requirements. 
Zumi provide you the peace of mind and assurance of  quality, reliability, and performance.
Including a 15 Years Warranty to giving the highest standard to their products.

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Mezio Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite
Size: 700x400x810mm
S-trap: 80-180mm (supplied)
Optional pan connection bend available for floor outlet range 180-280mm (ordered separately)
Water inlet supply: Universal Rear and Bottom LH&RH water inlet 
P-trap: 180mm
Soft Closing Slim Toilet Seat
15 Years Warranty on Ceramic
3 Years Warranty on Parts
1 Year Warranty on Toilet Seat
First 12 months On site Support

Flush Capacity:
4.5/3.0 LPF
Average flush 3.1L
4 Star WELS Rating

Zumi Toilet Installation Video