Lafeme Glance Smart Toilet with Wash/Dry/Massage Functions

Lafeme Glance Smart Toilet with Wash/Dry/Massage Functions

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The Lafeme Smart Toilets bringing luxury to Australia.

The hygiene revolution in today’s society, with an increasing commitment to health and personal care, Smart Toilets offer the best solution for complete personal hygiene through the added use of water for this most basic personal wellness routine.

Wellness and comfort. With built-in technology for exceptional personal hygiene Lafeme provides complete cleaning, care and comfort. Its smart features, ease of use and attractive design will bring ultimate well being to the bathroom and appeal.

Easy and intuitive. The remote control is quick to set up and intuitively designed so it can be easily understood and used by everyone. As a compliment to the remote control, Lafeme also features a side panel to regulate the basic cleaning and drying functions in a simple and easy way.

All Lafeme products are certified watermark certification of conformity – so you can rest assured that you are not only buying a piece of style, but also getting a quality product that you can depend on.

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