Lafeme Una Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Cold Wash Only

Lafeme Una Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Cold Wash Only

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Lafeme non-electric bidets, bringing luxury to Australia.

With the hygiene revolution in today’s society, and an increasing commitment to health and personal care, bidets offer the best solution for complete personal hygiene through the added use of water for this most basic personal wellness routine.

Easy installation, non-maintenance. One of the main factors driving the popularity of non-electric bidets in Australia is how easy they are to incorporate in your bathroom. Simply connect the attachment onto your existing toilet unit.

Unobtrusive Hygiene Solutions – This type of bidet is designed to offer great cleaning and high levels of hygiene without getting in the way. This makes it perfect even for smaller bathrooms, or for bathroom interiors that are arranged in a way which makes installation difficult. Whatever the layout of your interior, you will find a non-electric bidet to suit you.

Simple But Effective Cleaning – Just because a product is simple, does not mean that it compromises in terms of efficacy. This type of bidet gives you supreme cleaning and hygiene with the absolute minimum of fuss.

– We prohibit the use of harsh abrasive cleansers on any of these products. Harsh cleansers will damage the inner workings of the units.
– For daily maintenance, use a wet cloth and a soft liquid cleaner.
– Never use abrasives or cleaners containing acetone