4 Differences That A Mirror Can Make In Your Bathroom

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are usually placed in bathrooms to check appearances and help while shaving, applying makeup and perhaps brushing. However did you know that there are many more things mirrors in bathrooms do?

1. Make the bathroom look bigger

Mirrors placed over the hand basin Brisbane or opposite a window if there’s one can add depth to the bathroom. In fact, large mirrors can make the bathroom look double it’s size.

2. Brightens the bathroom

Mirrors add light and brighten the bathroom, which proves helpful if there are no windows and the bathroom lacks natural light. Mirrors reflect light which bounces off other surfaces to make the room look brighter than it is.

The effects are best if the mirrors are placed opposite lights to reflect the light better. It’s left to you to decide if you should use one large mirror or a few smaller mirrors to maximize the bathroom’s brightness.

3. Hide imperfections and storage space

Any holes, paint scratches or discoloured paint on the bathroom walls can be hidden by a mirror. Even better still, mirrors on cabinets hides storage space behind the mirror which can be used for storing your bathroom accessories. You can customize your cabinet to fit different sized and shaped hygienic products. Bigger mirrors hide more storage space, bigger imperfections and obviously reflect more light!

4. Stylish statement pieces

There are various styles of mirrors you can choose from including vintage, modern, contemporary, antique and traditional to enhance the style and design of your Brisbane Bathroom.

You choose your mirror based on the style you want to create in your bathroom. You can create a focal point in your bathroom by using a mirror with ornate carvings or a full length mirror and thus generate interests to the space.

The possibilities are endless; you use your imagination and the right mirror to create the look, brightness, space and ambience in your bathroom!

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